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Product Name Description/Benefits

BPS-100 Aluminum oxide and organics remover (solvent-based)

BPS-100 was developed to remove Al oxide, Fluorine and organic contamination, and is an excellent Ar plasma alternative.  BPS-100 is used for wafer, leadframe, substrate and board cleaning, as well as pre-plating surface preparation.


BPS-106 is a formulated semi-aqueous product optimized for cleaning of Aluminum surfaces to enhance wirebond-related process and device reliability.

BPS-169 Positive Photoresist Stripper

BPS-169 is effective in removing photoresist films in bumping and plating processes.

BPS-170 Aqueous Copper oxide remover

BPS-170 was developed for the removal and re-growth retardation of copper oxide wafer, leadframe/substrate and board cleaning; pre-plating surface preparation; and solder bump/copper pillar cleaning.

BPS-600 Oxidation and Organics Removal

Optimized for Aluminum and Copper Metals, BPS-600 is a formulated semi-aqueous for cleaning of Aluminum and Copper bond pad wafers to enhance wirebond-related process/device reliability.

BPS-729A Surfactant-formulated low resistivity dicing solution (aqueous)

BPS-729A is effective in dicing residues (swarf), cooling and lubrication, ESD reduction, galvanic corrosion prevention and oxidation reduction. BPS-729A is used in wafer and substrate dicing (saw).

BPS-729-B Surfactant-formulated dicing solution

BPS-729-B is a surfactant-formulated solution that is used as an additive to DIW during the dicing process for high-performance cleaning through superior wetting.

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