Dow® SPR660 Positive Photoresist

Spin Speed Curve for Dow SPR660 Products

SPR660 is an advanced i-Line photoresist designed for processing 0.350 micron features and larger. SPR660 performs in both line/space and contact hole applications and on a variety of substrates, including silicon, silicon dioxide, titanium nitride, and organic anti-reflectant coatings. The SPR660 product family includes a range of undyed dilutions as well as two dye loadings (low and medium) for improved processing over reflective surfaces.

Typical Process



Thickness: 0.6µm-3.0µm
Softbake: 90°C/90sec Proximity Hotplate
Expose: i-Line
PEB: 110°C/90 sec Proximity Hotplate
Develop: MF CD-26 or MF-26A @ 21°C, 40 sec single puddle