Dow® SPR700 Positive Photoresist

MEGAPOSIT™ SPR™ 700 Series Photoresists are positive multi-wavelength photoresists that are optimized to provide robust process latitudes and high throughput with excellent thermal stability. SPR™ 700 resists are compatible across a wide variety of developer families. This versatility makes SPR™ 700 photoresists ideal for a number of applications, especially mix and match lithography. As with all Dow® Electronic Materials i-Line photoresists, SPR™ 700 has been formulated with safer solvent alternatives.

Typical Process



Thickness: 1.0µm-1.8µm (@ 4000 rpm)
Viscosity: 14.1-35.1cSt
Softbake: 95°C/60sec Contact Hotplate
Expose: i-Line
PEB: 115°C/60 sec Contact Hotplate
Develop: MF CD-26 or MF-26A @ 21°C, 40 sec single puddle