Dow® Ultra-i 123 Positive Photoresist

Spin Speed Curve for Dow Ultra-i 123 Products
Dow Electronic Materials Ultra i123 Spin Speed Graph

ULTRA-i 123 is an advanced, general purpose, 250nm critical i-Line with extendibility to 230nm and below.

Typical Process



Thickness: 0.25µm-1.6µm
Softbake: 85°C/90sec Proximity
Expose: i-line
PEB: 120°C/90sec Proximity
Develop: MF-CD24A or 26A 21°C 45sec single puddle

Contact Hole

Thickness: 0.25µm-1.6µm
Softbake: 90°C/90sec Proximity
Expose: i-line
PEB: 110°C/90sec Proximity
Develop: MF-24A or 26A 21°C 60sec single puddle