KemLab® HARE-SQ Negative Tone Photoresist
High Aspect Ratio Epoxy Photoresist

Spin Speed Curve for KemLab H.A.R.E. SQ Negative Tone Photoresist


HARE-SQ is an epoxy based negative photoresist designed for polymeric MEMS, microfluidics, micromachining and other microelectronic applications. The HARE-SQ system is designed for use in thick film applications of 2 to 100 microns, and is ideal for use in permanent applications in which the photoresist remains within the finished device.ADVANTAGES:

  • The HARE-SQ photoresist uses an epoxy resin with superior cleanliness and excellent reproducibility
  • Consistent surface energy of crosslinked resist, (an important property for microfluidic applications)
  • Fully compatible with SU-8 processes

Typical Process: