KemLab® KL 1600 Lift-Off Negative Photoresist

Spin Speed Curve for KemLab KL 1600 Lift-Off Negative Photoresist

KL 1600 Lift Off Resist is a negative photoresist with Lift-Off profile for i-Line, and broadband applications. It has a wide process window for consistency across substrates, while still retaining ability to adjust resist profile. Customization is available to adjust lift-off angle or adjust photo speed.
Broadband 195 mJ/cm2
7 μm FT

Typical Process


Negative Lift Off Resist Mode

Thickness: 2µm-10µm
Expose: Broadband, i-line
Soft Bake: 110°C/60sec
Soft Bake For films over 7 microns: 110°C/60sec
Post-Exposure Bake (PEB): 110°C/60sec
Exposure (Broadband): 195mJ/cm2
Exposure (i-line): 138mJ/cm2
Develop: 0.26N TMAH
Removal: NMP/DMSO based strippers