Dow® MICROPOSIT™ REMOVER 1165 , 1-methyl-2-pyrrolidinone Based

MICROPOSIT REMOVER 1165 is a mixture of pure organic solvents specifically formulated to remove all Dow MICROPOSIT and MEGAPOSIT® PHOTORESISTS. It is particularly recommended for use in applications where the photoresist has seen high temperatures, strong etchants, or other harsh processing conditions.


Extended Bath Life

  • High bath capacity
  • Low bath evaporation rate
  • High solvent boiling point

Substrate Compatibility

  • No attack on most common substrate materials
  • Improved end product reliability
  • Metal-lon-Free
  • Neutral pH

Ease of Operation

  • Rinses completely in water
  • Room temperature bath operation for photoresist mask rework

Environmental and Health Advantages

  • Compatible with current waste treatment principles
  • Cellosolve1 acetate, xylene and acetone free
  • No phenols, phosphates, fluorides, chromates, or chlorinated hydrocarbons