KemLab® K PRO 15 Positive Ultra Thick Packaging Photoresist

Spin Speed Curve for KemLab K PRO 15 Positive Photoresist for Packaging Applications

K PRO 15 is a positive photoresist for use in i-Line, g-Line and broadband packaging applications. K-PRO offers high sensitivity, high throughput, and excellent process latitude.


    • Increased Heat Resistance
    • Cover 10 – 25 microns in a single coat
    • Designed for use with industry standard KOH, TMAH, and potassium borate developers
    • No PEB necessary




Typical Process

Thickness: 10µm-25µm
Softbake: 115°C for 3.5 min (10µm) or 115°C for 4 min (15µm) or 115°C for 4 min(25µm)
Rehydration Time: 30 minutes
Expose: i-Line, Broadband or g-Line
Develop: 0.26N TMAH Developers, 0.21N KOH, Potassium borates, immersion, puddle or spray
Etch Resist: Wet Chemical Etchants (for Au, Cu, Cr, Al, etc) do not degrade
PEB: Not necessary